Hector’s multi-faceted history within the furniture industry brings over 25 years of personal experience in the areas of personnel management, merchandising, and retail ownership. These critical categories of expertise have combined to form a strong ideal partner for independent furniture retailers in need of a promotion company. Hectors assignment as General Sales Manager for Crest Furniture equipped him with the valuable skills of managing multiple stores, as well as creating an effective training program for the store managers and salespeople. From there, Hector gained incredible insight into the world of merchandising for all types of furniture stores through his eight years as a Sales Rep for numerous and diverse manufacturers. Most importantly, Hector had the opportunity of being an independent retailer himself, owning two stores in New Jersey and New York for six years, which gives him the capacity to understand and empathize with each store owner’s experiences and situations. Hector is the Senior Advisor of PMP Sales and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the firm.