Festival Kick Off PartyPMP Sales specializes in powerful retail promotions designed to successfully increase cash flow for independent furniture retailers, or profitably terminate a business in an organized manner.

We believe that any situation can be made successful through correct analysis, proper planning and competent execution. We design programs with the reputation, future and goals of the retailer as primary concerns.

Taking a strategic and consultative approach is central to PMP Sales’ promotion methodology. We work closely with clients to understand their current situation and future objectives. Wherever possible, PMP Sales strives to salvage an under-performing retail store rather than immediately embark on a liquidation. In fact, PMP Sales has a long history of helping clients turn-around struggling businesses without resorting to outright store closings.

• We’ve expanded our services beyond other promotion companies, yet still work strictly on commission.
• We take a consultative approach before, during and after your promotion.
• We draw resources from an elite panel of experts to ensure you receive top notch quality and service in all areas regarding your promotion.
• After we drive traffic through your doors and increase your sales and profit margin, we leave you with your reputation in tact and better equipped with successful business strategies for the future.
• We maintain our relationship with you even after your sale has ended, to ensure you stay on the right track to continued success.

On average, PMP Sales is able to successfully generate a store’s annual volume in less than twelve weeks with a net profit of 10-15%.

All of our promotions are customized to your particular circumstances to assure the most successful sales event, and to set the conditions for your continued success.  Not every promotion is the same with each having their own unique circumstances.