PMP Sales provides a Project Manager and Sales Consultants to be on site for the entire duration of your event. We are proud of the caliber of people associated with PMP Sales, and the team selected for your event is hand-picked based on each person’s suitability for your particular store to promote optimum blending and compatibility with your staff and clientele.

Your team arrives several days prior to the start of the sale to acclimate themselves, begin strategizing, and prepare your store for increased activity.

The Project Manager is an independent contractor who treats the store as if it were their own; however, respectful of the fact that they are performing a service for our client. Our Project Managers are seasoned veterans and strongly motivated. Their job is key and we supply the very best. They are responsible to oversee:

  • Assists with Closing Techniques on the Floor
  • Day-to-Day Operations
  • Merchandising and Floor Display
  • Advertising Campaign & Measuring ROI

PMP Sales has Sales Consultants who are available as independent contractors and work on a straight commission basis. They are experienced and professional, and work with your staff as lateral trainers, teaching effective selling techniques that increase closing ratio and gross profit margin.

Prior to the start of the sale, PMP Sales will conduct an analysis of your office and delivery operations. We will make the appropriate recommendations to “gear up” these areas in order to handle the anticipated increased volume. This sometimes means hiring temporary office and warehouse help.

During your event, our senior advisors periodically check in on the progress of the sale and address any concerns you may have, staying present and personally involved with your promotion and committed to its success.