PMP Sales events focus on immediate operational and revenue improvement, while assisting a store to redevelop their business plan and vision. The process redirects the store to success long into the future.

Independent retailers either in financial crisis or ones simply wanting to improve their operations work with PMP Sales during this short-term and intensive program.

Change in ownership, retirement, economic conditions, community changes – the reasons that revenue is not adequate to meet expenses – let alone generate a profit – are endless and often unique. Stores that were once successful, yet still rely on old systems of operation, find profitability a far away concept. The business needs an infusion of cash, a new concept to begin making money again, and a strategy to continue being a profitable business.

The action plan that PMP Sales presents to a client will provide solutions to immediately improve operations and attain short-term goals. The PMP Sale event will put these plans and recommendations into action, with our experts showing and teaching the owner and staff along the way. At the conclusion of the program, the store will have undergone an evolution in ways that will be self-sustaining, will have better cash flow, and will be on its way to long-term profitability.

The best part about a PMP Sale is that a retailer actually makes money while instituting improvements and gaining knowledge, instead of the other way around! The promotion not only pays for itself and PMP Sales’ involvement, it also generates additional money in your pocket.

PMP Sales is dedicated to helping the independent retailer improve business. We become your partner and help you identify, understand, plan and implement improvements that will result in a stronger operation, revenue increases and profitability.

We mention profitability often. Profitability represents the ultimate result in the theories and practices of effective retail operations. We deliver profitability. We require no money upfront, our services extend beyond other promotion companies, and we are paid strictly on commission of the sales made under our strategy umbrella.

The first step is a free consultation with us that will allow us to get started on helping your business grow and become more profitable.

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