PMP Sales analyzes your inventory and makes recommendations to improve overall effectiveness. In order to fulfill the demand created by the sale, stores often need additional merchandise. Prior to starting the sale, we will coordinate a merchandising program for you. We have excellent resources that offer tremendous value with quick ship capabilities. In addition, we have vendors that may provide merchandise on a consignment basis. The merchandising plan integrates the new resources with your existing inventory with a controlled level of buying designed to maximize the potential of the sale.

We believe in utilizing your own vendors as much as possible, but do not hesitate to use any available sources of supply to assure the success of the event – with your approval of course. It is our experience that once your vendors hear you hired our company to run a powerful sale, they usually want to participate with the anticipated volume to benefit them as well.

Our trained and experienced on-site manager arrives 1-2 weeks prior to the first day of your promotion to set up your store in a manner most conducive for your objectives. They re-tag your store with the appropriate sale theme tag and create an exciting atmosphere for your customers using banners, posters and balloons throughout the showroom.