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PMP Sales conducts high-impact furniture sales promotions for independent retailers and works strictly on a commission basis. Additionally, we consult with scores of other furniture retailers on issues related to their strategic plans, financing requirements, and market-entry and market-exit strategies.

Taking a strategic and consultative approach is central to PMP Sales’ promotion methodology. We work closely with clients to understand their current situation and future objectives. Wherever possible, PMP Sales strives to salvage an under-performing retail store rather than immediately embark on a liquidation. In fact, PMP Sales has a long history of helping clients turn-around struggling businesses without resorting to outright store closings.

Importantly, PMP Sales advisors regularly attend the industry’s major trade shows to keep pace with the massive market changes that continue to shape the retail industry landscape and furniture retailing in particular. Then we incorporate what is learned into shaping advice to clients. We are also the only promotion firm accepted and endorsed by two of the most prestigious furniture buying groups – Furniture First and FMG.