As soon as a client decides to run a sale, their market is thoroughly researched and analyzed by our team of talented experts in all fields of advertising. PMP Sales Advertising Department specializes in developing integrated campaigns, creating strong, urgent advertising designed to stimulate the trading area and produce heavy traffic and high volume. Each mode of advertising is custom-designed specifically for that particular store. Preserving the client’s reputation and market image is a principal objective on every PMP Sales assignment.

To begin the process of creating your customized campaign, a member of our executive team visits the store to evaluate your market and set up the general structure of your event’s advertising campaign. From there, PMP Sales’ Advertising Department contacts you to collect additional details, and begins to gear up the promotional advertising campaign three to four weeks before the start date.

We create a budget for advertising based on projected sales, and adjustments are made to the media selection and frequency on a weekly basis to maximize effectiveness.

PMP Sales has selectively partnered with talented experts in the areas of media buying, outdoor signage, and direct mail to provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible rates.